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Gallery 10
  (Donald's Mix)  MORE LUCKY CATS?
[Note:  Please click on the small pictures below to see larger images.]

Yes, More Lucky Cats!  Well, of course!  Japan is not the only cat-loving country in the world.  You can find Lucky Cats all over.  Some beckoning; some not.  The two felines below represent the Chinese Zodiac's Years of the Tiger - one of which being my own birth-year ...

A Lucky Money Tiger on a pile of gold coins & ingots.  Made of molded & painted superplastic resin; approx 5" (12.5 cm) tall & 7.5" (19 cm) wide; with an oval gold-colored sticker underneath saying, "Made In China".  New from Chou's, Mphs

A Large Lucky Tiger carrying a gold coin (with a square hole) in his mouth.  Painted ceramic with genuine plastic whiskers; approx 6" (15 cm) tall & 17.5" (43 cm) long; with a white paper price sticker & an embedded rectangle containing some hard-to-make-out-characters underneath.  A souvenir from Chinatown in Victoria, B.C., Canada, 2005.

English Lucky Black Cats --

Solid black cats were once considered very lucky in England.  However, they didn't beckon as their Asian cousins did.  Often associated with other good-luck charms, such as horseshoes, white heather, swastikas, and 4-leaf clovers, all they had to do was be in the right place, at the right time, with the right color = black.
The following items are English Lucky Black Cat Postcards sent to me by my English friend Roz.  (Hi, Roz!)  The first card was purchased at an English antiques fleamarket in March of 2002; the rest via Ebay-UK auctions in December, 2001.

ahappygay.jpg (38710 bytes)

A "Rotary Photo" card, published by Rotary Photo, Drayton, Midd/sx.  A black kitty ("To bring You Good Luck"), verse w/ flowers ("A Happy Birthday to You, Auntie."), & an English country view, complete w/ sheep.  Hand-colored.

elbc21st.jpg (46246 bytes)

A "Rotary Photo" Rajar Bromide card - published in London, E.C.  A color photo card w/ horseshoes embossed at the corners of the white border.

elbcFeltCat.jpg (50642 bytes)

A "Mascot Card" - published by H. Vertigen & Co., Ltd., London, E.C.  An interesting design, as the cat's body is made of black felt.  Postmarked 1910.

elbcPlaid.jpg (61250 bytes)

A "Best Of All Series" card, published by J. B. White, Ltd., Dundee.  "A spot of luck may mean a lot, so I'm hanging on to what I've got."

elbcBlackpool.jpg (34609 bytes)

A "Seaside Comic" #2697 - published by Bamforth & Co., Ltd., Holmfirth (England) & New York.  Postmarked 1930.  "Just a spot of Good Luck From Blackpool."

elbcGreeneyes.jpg (37705 bytes)

A "Real Photograph" card - published by W. & K. - "British Manufacture".  Love those green eyes!  A photo made into a postcard with four-leafed clovers embossed around the border.  "A Black Cat for Luck"

My Real-Live American Lucky Cats --

Sometimes I'm asked about my real cats.  Well, here are some of them ...

China! China! China! (2003 --) is a small calico cat who doesn't know she's small.  She does whatever she pleases, wherever & whenever.  She likes for me to climb up onto the commode to pet her at the top of our bathroom cabinet, from whence she likes to bungee jump, with a little help from yours truly.  Born w/ a hole in the roof of her mouth, she's had sinus infections all her life.  After 3 surgeries, she's much better now ...

Daisy-Doodles (2001 --).  We're not sure just what kind of cat Daisy is.  Some sort of mix between brown tabby & Persian, I'd guess.  I call her a muted tricolor and I think she has the aire of the Faere.  Daisy came to us so depressed that she had quit eating.  We had to install a feeding tube to keep her alive.  Cats do have feelings & they sometimes give up if they don't get the love & attention they need.  Well she's got it now!  My Numero Uno!

Foxy, aka Mr. Fox, aka The Red Rocker (2004 --):  Foxy's a big, fluffy orange tabby who's not only beautiful to look at; but to be with.  He's high-spirited, funny, & into everything.  A real sweety-pie.  He was born without eyes, but he doesn't know it, so he does just fine.  Blind cats can make excellent indoor pets!

Lily (2000 --) is my teddy bear lap cat.  She lays across me while I watch TV & also while I take a bath.  A cold & wet stray, sharing food w/ the raccoons each night, she finally told me that she'd rather live indoors, where the cuisine is of a slightly higher quality.  She still enjoys sharing food, except that now it's whatever I happen to be eating.

Mimi, aka Screamin' Mimi (1997 --).  Mimi seems to be a Siamese living in a black cat's body.  Once feral, she loves us peoples; but is not fond of other cats.  She scrunches up between our pillows & pitches a fit whenever another cat comes near.  Like Little Bunny Foo Foo, she loves to bop'em on the head!

Mousie, aka The Gray Mouser, aka Moose-Mouse, aka Da Moush of da Housh (2001 --) is a "real" cat.  She has the moves & can stalk the stalk.  She used to sneak outside a lot, til I saw her sail past the window one day.  She'd been climbing from a closet up into our attic & then jumping out a vent all the way to the ground!  Whoosh!

Neko, aka Neeky-Neeko, aka The Evil Queen (1998 --).  I think that Neko is the prettiest cat we have.  However, I'm reminded of the old saying, "When she's good, she's very, very, good.  But when she's bad, she's awful!"  Neko was rescued from some truly evil children by Barbara, a police-lady friend ours, & we fell in love with her immediately.  (Neko, not Barbara.)

Pepe, aka Pepperoni, is our current "King of the Cats" (2002 --).  He's a big, muscular, sleek black cat who seems to carry a bit of the jungle with him.  Though he prefers the company of ladies, he's usually willing to say "Hi!" to me by pressing his big ol' wet nose to mine.  "Long Live King Pepe!"

Sushi (2005 --).  A beautiful, but near-feral, Siamese who is very, very shy.  They say that there's a crucial period during kittenhood when cats learn to love people &, apparently, she missed out on all that.  We're hoping that time, patience, & lots-o-love will eventually bring her to us ...

Weezul, aka Weezie (1992 - 2005).  My best-beloved ...  I miss you, sweetie ...  (She helped me build this site and it's dedicated to her ...)

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