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from 1996
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Maneki-Neko is japanese lucky cats welcoming your good lucks.



Welcome to "ManekiNekoClub".
Hattatsu Neko This is the home page for the people who love Maneki Neko. If you don't know Maneki Neko, I hope this page would attract the interest of you. And if you already love Maneki Neko, I wish this page would make your love for it even deeper. Hattatsu Neko

What's new "Maneki Neko Greeting Card Service" starts.(2000/5/14)
"Maneki Neko EXPO opened.(2000/5/1)
"Link" page was renewed.(2000/4/19)
The ManekiNeko of Seto-yaki was introduced in "Collection" page.(2000/4/13)
ManekiNeko BBS open!! (2000/4/11)
"Link" page was renewed.(2000/4/11)

ManekiNeko EXPO
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Funny English(^o^) weekly news from Japan #5 2000/5/1
Japan went into the golden week.
Does everyone know the golden week? Golden weeks are the consecutive holidays of about one week until May 5 from April 29.
It is only three times in a year that Japanese worker can take a rest for one week. New Year's day, summer vacation, and the golden week. There is an event in a New Year and summer vacation. We can't rest it freely.
But, we can rest it freely in the golden week, because there is no special event. Moreover, the weather is good because it is when early summer is reached. We can play happily in the golden week.
In this year, May 6 is Saturday, May 7 is Sunday. Therefore, the golden week in this year are longer holidays than the average year. Muhuhu.....


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