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How do you pronounce "Maneki Neko"?

It’s pronounced “ma-neck-ee-neck-o” with the main stress on the second “neck” and some on the “ma.”  (Thanx, Helen!)

What do the different kinds of Maneki-Neko's mean?

Catt Wilbur's "Maneki Neko: The Japanese Legend of the Beckoning Cat"

Curious Cat-World: Maneki-Neko - An article written for the Home2Cats' "Scratching Post" Newsletter

Maneki-Neko and The Temple of Go-To-Ku-Ji

Shichifuku-Jin: The Seven Deities of Good Fortune


What do the different manekinekos mean? 

Although there is some disagreement among sources, the following tables can be used as general guides --

Raised paw

Per the Maneki-Neko Club
His/Her Left Invites people or customers  (per legend).  Height of paw determines how many and/or how far away.
His/Her Right Invites wealth or good fortune (per legend).  Height of raised paw determines how much.


Color [by % w/i my collection]

Per the Maneki-Neko Club

General meaning

Feng Shui
Tri-Color (usually white with black & orange spots) or Bi-Color (usually white with black or red spots).  [24%] Invites good fortune, with tri-color cats being especially lucky for sailors. Invites prosperity. .
Solid White  [14%] Invites good fortune & purity. Invites prosperity. Associated with children & with creativity.
Brown / Tan
(incl wood) 
. Good fortune. .
Black  [10%] Serves as a talisman against evil. Invites good health. Associated with career & with business.
Blue (incl blue on white)  [9%] . Successful studies. Associated with intelligence & with education.
Red  [7%] Exorcises evil spirits and illnesses. Some associate red with  business success.

Associated with fame & with good fortune.

Yellow  [7%, tied with red] . Good marriage.  (Also, some associate yellow with money.) Associated with health & with stability.
Gold  [4%] Invites money. Invites money. .
Pink / Peach [4%] Invites love. Pink invites love. Pink is associated with love & with marriage.
Green  [3%] . Safety. Associated with family & with harmony.
Gray  [2%] . Good fortune. Associated with travel & with helpful people.
Orange  [>1%] . Good fortune.  
Purple  [<1%] . Good fortune. Associated with wealth & with abundance.

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