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 Gallery 1  Lucky Cats, Lucky Paws, & Lucky Colors,  (collect04.html)
"Maneki Neko" - How to write it.  How to pronounce it.
Raised paws - Left vs. right?  How high?
Colors? - Tricolor, white, black, gold, red, green, blue, yellow, pink, gray & purple.

 Gallery 2   Blessings, Symbols, & Lucky Friends.  (collect06b.html)
Examples of Kanji blessings & Symbols.
The Seven Deities of Good Fortune..
Maneki Nekos & the "Lucky Tai Fish" they love.
Seven Maneki Nekos as the Seven Deities of Good Fortune.

 Gallery 3   Four Lucky CATegories.  (collect06.html)
Tokoname style.
Seto "Ears Turned Sideways" style.
Seto "Meiji Porcelain" style.
"Sideways-Beckoning" style.

 Gallery 4   Practical Cats! Theatrical Cats!  (collect03.html)
Practical Cat Figurines (That Do Useful Things).
Theatrical Cat Figurines (Who Pretend to be Someone Else).

 Gallery 5   Mini's & Multi's.  (collect06a.html)
Mini-Manekis - Small Figurines.
Multi-Manekis - Group Figurines.
Special Exhibit: YUJIN Miniatures from Japanese Vending Machines.

 Gallery 6   The Material Cat.  (collect05.html)
Stone Lucky Cats.
Sewn Fabric Lucky Cats.
Metal Lucky Cats.
Papier-mâché Lucky Cats.
Wooden Lucky Cats.
Other Materials.

 Gallery 7   Porcelain.  (collect01.html)
Porcelain Lucky Cats.
Three Kutani Porcelain Kittens.
Special Exhibit: Some Very "Laid-Back" Porcelain Beckoners.

 Gallery 8   Ceramic & Pottery..  (collect02.html)
Ceramic Lucky Cats.
Special Exhibit: Ceramic Lucky Cat Bells, Chimes, & Rattles.

 Gallery 9   Bob-Tails of Mystery & Imagination.  (collect07a.html)
Unusual Maneki Nekos & Other Lucky Cats.
Year of the Tiger & More, OH MY!
English Lucky Black Cats.

 Gallery 10   In Pictures & Print.  (collect07.html)
Pictures and Photographs of Lucky Cats.
Magazines & Books (Including Some of Wajin Mori's Lucky Cat artworks).
Special Exhibit: English Lucky Black Cat postcards.


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