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Information from ManekiNekoClub:

ManekiNekoClub was translated into English supported by Ms. K. Matsumoto, Ms. A. Takahara, Ms.Felicia, Mr. Dick, Mr. STARFIELD and Mr. H. Takata.  I hereby express my special thanks to them all.

Some pages are written by using the Japanese-English translation software.  Permit that there is funny English.  ManekiNekoClub is issued supposing Netscape Navigator 4.x and Internet Explorer5.x.

Copyright1996 Fukuhara Masaru.
No reproduction or republication without written permission.
This copyrighted material is presented herein with the kind permission of the author.

Thank you, Mr. Fukuhara Masaru, for making this information and also these graphic elements available to us when we were first discovering Maneki Neko.  It is an honor to help keep the ManekiNekoClub's English pages available to new discoverers.  Also, thank you, Ms. Yui Kawai, for bringing us together.  --Donald "Moon" Hargrove, Memphis, TN, USA.

Please Note: Because this page is currently set up as a directory of links to the actual pages stored in the Internet Archive, it will be necessary to use your browser's BACK-button to return here from those archived pages.


 Page 1   What is Maneki Neko?  (web archive what_e)
The charm, origin, paws, gesture, color, and apparel of Maneki Neko..

 Page 2   Legends of Maneki Neko.  (web archive engi_e)
Legend of "Goutukuji" Temple.
Legend of Courtesan "Usugumo" of "Yhoshiwara".
Legend of Old Woman in "Imado".

 Page 3   History of Maneki Neko.  (web archive history_e)
A.D. 1774, 1842, 1845, 1851, 1860, 1864, 1865, 1870, 1885, 1890, 1902.

 Page 4   Maneki Neko Collection.  (web archive collect_e)
Maneki Neko made by pottery.
Unique Maneki Neko.
The Maneki Neko of Seto-Yaki.

 Page 5   Maneki Neko Factory.  (web archive factory_e)
Let's make the Maneki Neko.

 Page 6   Free Materials.  (web archive sozai_e)
Maneki Neko's conquest of the world.
Various Maneki Nekos (clip art).
3D CG.
Signs for title.
Wallpapers (background pictures).
Animation cursor for Windows 95.
Banners for link.

 Page 7   Maneki Neko EXPO.  (web archive expo)
Information - Museum - Shop.
Eri's Pavilion.  (Gallery: Ms. Eri, Japanese Maneki Neko artist.)
Atsushi's Pavilion.  (Gallery: Atsushi Fuse, Japanese Maneki Neko artist.)
Photo Pavilion.
Unique Pavilion.

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