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Gallery 10

Maneki Nekos:  In Pictures & Print
[Note:  Please click on the small pictures below to see larger images.]  [mix07]

(*New*)  This is the pin distributed at the opening of the Maneki Neko exhibit at the Mingei International Museum on March 12th, 2011.  It was both designed & made into buttons by Diane at ThreeCatsGraphics.com.  Thanks, Diane!  Beautiful job!  "Maneki Neko" = "Cute Cat".

(*New*)  MANEKI NEKO: The Tale of the Beckoning Cat.  "In a small Japanese village, a poor monk and his cat Tama live a simple life at the Kotoku Monastery."  Susan Lendroth's retelling of this well-known legend brings warmth to the two monastery companions, while award-winning illustrator Kathryn Otoshi brings them to life in the beautiful landscape of old Japan.  (www.shens.com)  Excellent! -dm

This image is taken from a box that a Maneki mug came in.  It's one of my favorites.  From Japan, purchased in an Asian grocery store in St. Louis, MO.

A multi-Maneki postcard from my friend Roz in Nagasakita, Japan, 2005.  4" x 6" (10.5 x 15 cm), published by Hyogensha Co. Kyoto, "Happy Cats Japan".

My wife & I commissioned Ms. Angela Goza, a Memphis artist, to create a wild & wacky Maneki Neko plate for us.  I'd say she did a beautiful job!

I found this neat full-page ad in a "Giant Robot" magazine.  (Highly recommended reading for Asian pop culture fans.)  I'm seeing more and more Nekos lately ...

A 2004 hanging wall calendar made by Amy Vorech which featured a different full-page, full-color Maneki Neko photo for each month.

I found this "Lucky Cat" postcard in New Orleans' French Quarter, 2002.  Note that the Lucky Kitty is beckoning with a hotdog.  It's part of a series of cat paintings by Chamain DiPascal O'Mahony, called, collectively, "The Creole Cat".  Published & distributed by New Orleans Point of Vieux, PO Box 19064, New Orleans, LA, 70179. 5" x 7", paper.  www.thecreolecat.com


Some contemporary Maneki Neko Lucky Cat tattoo art.


Rachelle Rose is an artist who, among other things, designs Manekinekos.  One of my favorites, "Good Luck in Traveling", can be seen above.  Anyway, I've always wanted a banner but I never got around to making one.   She has graciously taken on the job & I love the result.  Thanks, Rach!

   size 1:4            size 1:1

This is a Japanese towel (banner?) w/ 24 traditional Manekis pictured on it.  Too large for my scanner, I scanned it in sections & put them together.  I think it's interesting & I plan to translate the Kanji descriptions someday.  I bought it from an eBayer in Honolulu, HI, 2000.  13" x 37", cloth, w/ a paper wrapper displaying a rectangular "LIBERO Marketing Agency / DESIGN PAT. P." logo.


A mug-shot!  (Bad joke alert!)  From left to right, then up:  [1] Transparent plastic coffee mug with "Japan 2002" artwork insert from Starbucks Coffee; 7.5" (19cm); "Starbucks Barista" info stamped underneath; from Diane.  [2] "MANEKI NEKO LUCKY CATS" porcelain tea mug covered with pix of contemporary MNs; 4" (10cm); from Rachel.  [3] Crackled celadon porcelain tea mug covered with traditional MNs; 3 3/4" (9.5cm); "MADE IN JAPAN" sticker; purchased from Otherworlds in Memphis.  [4] "Good Luck" ceramic coffee mug with cobalt-blue glaze & artwork by Catt Wilbur; 5.5" (14cm); "M WARE / CHINA"  on bottom; from Catt Wilbur.  (More from Catt Wilbur below.)  [5] Ceramic tea cup with cute striped tabby; 4" (9.5cm) tall. 

  1          2

[1]  A "Preliminary, Work-in-Progress Copy" of MANEKI NEKO: The Japanese Legend Of The Beckoning Cat. An 11-page chapbook with text and pictures given to me by the author, Catt Wilbur of New York City.
She has adapted into verse one of the traditional Japanese Beckoning Cat folktales -- the story of little Tama and the Samurai Lord Ii -- and she's done a beautiful job of it. Size 5.5" x 8.5", paper printed via color laser, 2001
.  (Click here to read Catt's "Legend")

[2]  THE JAPANESE LEGEND OF THE CAT AND THE CRONE, by Catt Wilber. How faithful Cat became "Beckoning Cat" and provided for his beloved mistress. Excellent!
A "Work-in-Progress Copy" presented to me, with a very nice "Dedication," by Ms. Wilbur.  A 3-page, 5.5" x 8.5" color-laser printed chapbook with text and pictures. Made by Catt, New York City, year 2002. (I'm hoping she'll do another someday.  Perhaps the Cat and the Snake story?)

 daruma0.jpg (93888 bytes)      daruma1.jpg (50804 bytes)      daruma2.jpg (60678 bytes)

"Daruma: Japanese Art & Antique Magazine" for Summer, 1996, featured a large article: "Maneki Neko - Feline Fact & Fiction," by Alan Pate.  Nekos on the cover & on pgs 12 & 28: painted clay with inset glass eyes - late Edo; porcelain - Meiji period; wooden - late Edo; stone - Meiji; & a ceramic water dropper - Taisho period.)

  1          2

[1]  LUCKY CAT: He Brings You Good Luck, by Laurel Wellman.  Maneki Neko 101.  Not only is this an intelligent book about Maneki Neko, written in English --  There's also a Maneki Neko figurine included.  A handsome boxed set from Chronicle Books.

[2]  MOORE MEWS ON COLLECTING MANEKI NEKO, JAPAN'S LUCKY CAT, edited by Glenna Moore.  Published by Moore Mews Publishing, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2002.  Format: 120+  8.5"x11" computer-printed pages bound into a plastic folder.
A labor of love, it's home-grown & contains color photos & descriptions of over 400 manekinekos from the private collections of Lavonne Engelman, Diane Flint, Lindy Franka, Donald Hargrove, Riet Jutte van der Krogt, Glenna Moore, Scoats, Tyber Katz, & Amy Vorech.  For further info, see the
Moore Mews website, or write to Glenna Moore, our publisher, editor, & fellow contributor.

English Lucky Black Cat postcards, sent to me by my English friend Roz.  (Hi, Roz!)  The first card was purchased at an English antiques flea market in 2002; the rest via Ebay-UK, 2001.

ahappygay.jpg (38710 bytes)

A "Rotary Photo" card, by Rotary Photo, Drayton, Midd/sx.  "To bring You Good Luck".  Verse w/ flowers ("A Happy Birthday to You, Auntie.").  Hand-colored.

elbc21st.jpg (46246 bytes)

A "Rotary Photo" Rajar Bromide card - published in London, E.C.  A color photo card w/ horseshoes embossed at the corners.

elbcFeltCat.jpg (50642 bytes)

A "Mascot Card" - published by H. Vertigen & Co., Ltd., London, E.C.  An interesting find, as the cat's body is made of black felt.  Postmarked 1910.

elbcPlaid.jpg (61250 bytes)

A "Best Of All Series" card, published by J. B. White, Ltd., Dundee.  "A spot of luck may mean a lot, so I'm hanging on to what I've got."

elbcBlackpool.jpg (34609 bytes)

A "Seaside Comic" #2697 - from Bamforth & Co., Ltd., Holmfirth (England) & New York.  Postmarked 1930.  "Just a spot of Good Luck From Blackpool."

elbcGreeneyes.jpg (37705 bytes)

A "Real Photograph" card - published by W&K, "British Manufacture".  Love those green eyes!  A photo made into a postcard.  "A Black Cat for Luck"

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